Wanted: the Shrill Carder Bee

Have you seen this bumble bee?


The Shrill Carder Bees are one of the two rarest bumblebees in the UK. They are distinctive with their higher-pitched buzz and delicate straw colouring and dark-band across the thorax. They are also somewhat smaller than their larger bumblebee siblings.

However, they have been spotted in the South Wales area. They seem to favour the types of habitat found around coastal spots and have been spotted at Lavernock, Kenfig Sands and around the Gwent Levels. They especially like Red Clover and are found roaming between May to September.



The Bumblebee Conservation Trust are particularly keen on hearing if any are spotted. So keep a keen eye and ear if you happen to be out and about in coastal areas of South Wales and West.

Find out more: http://bumblebeeconservation.org/news/anthonys-blog/exciting-finds

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