Challenging the Mare that is Mare’s Tail

The saga of mare’s tail continues in my alotment. Inspired by an assiduous gardening friend, I decided to attempt to perform something of a forensic on the bed and try to decontaminate of all roots of the offending party. But mare’s tail is something of a wily opponent. As you try to pull out the almost elastic root, it often snaps, only to form a new double headed retaliation. After half a bed presenting evidence of a lot of past failed ‘weeding’ attempts : marked by bits of broken root and split heads, I went to the alotment shed to see what the elders had to say.

“Don’t fight with it”…”You’ll never be able to get rid of it…just learn to live with it.”

My lesson of the day. I’m taking on advice of the elders and Alys Fowler who recommends planting other competitors such as sweet sorrel, rhubarb and geraniums.

I’ve also taken to spreading a lot of mulch!

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