Flora of the Coast

We helped with the Plant Life Wildflower Count this Sunday on a beautiful walk through the woodlands of the Vale of Glamorgan Coast. What looked like a Falcon, certainly a bird of prey, swooped over our heads as we were leaning over hedges and foraging through the hedges. 

Red campion, herb robert, holly and ivy.

Hedgerows of hawthorn, sloe, elder and bramble.

Hemlock, hogweed, hart’s tongue and honeysuckle.

Lords and Ladies and Bindweed peeping out. And a lot of Ash!

It was interesting to do it when many of the earlier summer flowers have ended. The distinctive flowers I realise are key signifiers of just what that mysterious plant might be. 

The Wildflower Count helps Plantlife keep a record of flora of various areas of the UK. And its a great way to learn about the diversities of our verges, waterways and pathways. You can select an area and Plantlife provide you with an OS transect of 1km which you are asked to walk and survey.


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